Burning Sun Exposed To Have Solicited Underage Prostitution To VVIPs

One of the underage girls confessed what actually goes on at Burning Sun.

One of the women who worked as an underage prostitute for clubs in Gangnam sat down with MBC’s Straight to reveal what really goes on at Burning Sun.


Miss B, who worked as an underage prostitute at the time, revealed that they got paid 300,000~500,000 for having sex with a customer. They would be set up by a club MD (short for ‘Merchandiser’) and told to entertain a certain VIP for the night.

You can just think that what goes on at room salons happen at clubs too. If you [have sex] inside the club, you earn about 300,000 won (~$250 USD). If you go outside with them, you earn about 500,000 won (~$420 USD).

The MD comes to the room in the morning and gives it to you in cash.

— Miss B


Most of the underage girls are those who ran away from home. Some were as young as middle schoolers who are 14 years old.

The VVIPs who spend 10 million won (~$8,500 USD) would specifically ask for underage girls, and they’d take the girls to designated apartments, where they drug them and film themselves sexually assaulting them. They call these videos “pornos”, and the girls were given 1 million won to do this.

They say it’s easier to find drugs than cigarettes at Gangnam. It’s the worst. You ruin your body and lose your mind too. There are kids who move on to work at room salons, and some stay to work at the club because they still haven’t paid off their debts.

Needles are a given at the apartments. If you do drugs and film a porno, you earn about 1 million won (~$850 USD).

The most valued customer gets to pick who they want and they chose a girl who’s only 14.

The VIPs all know that we’re underage. They specifically ask for underage girls. If an MD tricks the VIPs with a girl who’s not underage, they don’t get paid.

— Miss B


After the VVIPs leave, a cleanup team comes in to remove any trace of the crime that took place in the room.

There’s a cremation (clean up) team that comes in after we’re done. I only heard that they exist because they come in after we leave, so I don’t know their faces.

— Miss B

A former employee of Club Arena, another popular club in Gangnam, revealed that the upper management would take care of cleaning up the tables, seats, and rooms after VIPs had sex inside the club.

I saw them talk about cremation in the group chat. They’d tell us to cremate table 20 and so forth.

The upper management usually took care of this.

— Past MD at Club Arena


Although the seats were cleaned, the women were left on the streets like trash. VIPs at Burning Sun would drug the women, rape them in the bathrooms and leave them behind as they lay unconscious.

Then the cleanup team would come in to drag the victim outside of the club. They would rip the club’s wristband from her wrist to erase evidence that she was drugged while inside the club.

There are a lot of bathrooms inside the club, so when the VIPs smoke weed or give the women GHB… The VIP rooms have bathrooms inside, so they’d rape the women inside the bathrooms. A lot of the [VIPs] would often leave the women in the bathroom.

There was a rule. When we kicked out the victims, we took off their wristbands. That way, we can claim that this person drank somewhere else but came to the club to cause a scene.

We take off their bands while exiting the club to get rid of evidence that they were inside Burning Sun.

We leave them on the bench outside the club for them to wake up.

— Previous Employee Of Burning Sun


It was clear that the club put the safety of its VIPs ahead of the victims of sexual and physical assaults. If there were any reports of rape by the VIPs, the clubs would always protect its customers first.

MBC is advocating the police to reinvestigate the crimes that happened inside Burning Sun, including those directly connected to Seungri and Yang Hyun Suk.

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