Bus Company Faces Backlash For Objectifying Women Who Attended PSY’s Summer Concert In Leaked Text Messages

The company claims the messages were sent to boost the morale of bus drivers.

PSY‘s SUMMER SWAG 2022 concert series has found itself attached to another controversy. This time involving a bus company in Yeosu.

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On August 8, a text message sent by an employee of a Yeosu bus company to its 180 bus drivers went viral for all the wrong reasons.

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The message sent through the company’s internal phone number alerted drivers to expect an influx of riders coming from the Jinnam Sports Park, where PSY’s concert would be taking place.

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The message warned drivers that there could be disorder among riders trying to get on the bus.

The message, however, ended with a crass statement that many have taken as degrading to women.

Skinny and voluptuous women from all over the country will be riding the buses today, so consider this a feast for your eyes and work hard.

— Bus company

Many took exception to the message and blasted the company for objectifying women.

The bus company later apologized, stating that they sent the message to boost the morale of the drivers that were working late. The concert was held at 6:40 and ran for three hours. It has been estimated that 30 thousand fans attended the concert. Due to the influx of riders, bus drivers had to drive additional routes, and the bus hours were extended from 11:30 pm to 1:10 am the next day.

As the driver’s working hours were extended, many drivers were having difficulties. We sent the message hoping to boost morale, but we had no malicious intent. We will have preventative measures in place to ensure something like this never happens again.

— Bus company

This is not the first time PSY’s summer concert series has been in the news for controversy. The concert series was criticized in its inception for using 300 tons of drinkable water per night throughout the tour. The concert was again criticized for lax COVID-19 preventative measures when it was reported that increasing numbers of the concert’s attendees were testing positive for COVID-19. And it has been reported that a construction worker fell to his death while dismantling the concert set.

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The full translation of the text is available below.

Text sent to drivers by bus company | Instiz

This is a message from the bus company. On Friday, due to PSY’s concert, there will be an influx of riders in the terminal from the afternoon. Also, it is said that the riders will be drenching each other until late in the evening, so please be careful as they may slip and fall while boarding the bus. Please be wary, so the riders are not hurt. Additional buses will begin their routes 20 minutes later, so do not worry. The routes which will be affected will be advised in the afternoon. Skinny and voluptuous women from all over the country will be riding the buses today, so consider this a feast for your eyes and work hard.

— Bus company text to drivers

Source: SBS News and Yonhap News