One Moment From Kim Min Gue’s Steamy “Business Proposal” Kiss With Seol In Ah Was Actually An Ad-Lib

The moment that sent the internet into meltdown wasn’t even planned!

Recently, SBS‘s series Business Proposal has been gaining attention for being “One of the spiciest K-Dramas.” With the amount of steamy and sexy scenes viewers were treated to from the very beginning, it isn’t surprising that it’s broken a lot of conventions for netizens and become so well-loved.

The cast of “Business Proposal” | SBS

In particular, one of the scenes that literally blew the minds of netizens was between Kim Min Gue and Seol In Ah. Their characters have gained attention for their attraction and chemistry with each other from the very beginning. They have often caused a meltdown with their kisses.

Seol In Ah (left) and Kim Min Gue (right) showcasing chemistry | SBS

Yet, the passionate kissing scene from episode seven between their characters Sung Hoon and Young Seo went viral almost instantly. The two actors seemed very passionate in the scene as they kissed, and netizens got very hot under the collar when Kim Min Gue decided to take off his glasses.

| The Swoon/ YouTube

| The Swoon/ YouTube   

Well, it seems like the steaminess of the scene was actually an ad-lib from the actor. Kim Min Gue and Seol In Ah recently appeared on SBS’s Cultwo Show, where they talked all about the show and spilled some TMI.

| @_seorina/ Instagram

During the show, Kim Min Gue actually revealed that his taking off his glasses during the scene wasn’t intentional. What started off as something to make it easier to film the scene became one of the most popular.

Originally, it wasn’t intentional to take off the glasses. While shooting the scene, it was uncomfortable with glasses, so I took them off.

— Kim Min Gue

| japuanim/ YouTube 

However, if that wasn’t enough, Seol In Ah then revealed just how considerate Kim Min Gue was, adding that he also took them off in consideration for her. In particular, he explained that the glasses might not only be uncomfortable for Seol In Ah but would also ruin her makeup.

| japuanim/ YouTube

Considering how loved the scene is, it’s shocking to realize one of the spiciest moments from the entire K-Drama was actually an ad-lib. In another interview, Kim Min Gue also pointed out how much he loved the scene and didn’t expect that the fact he took his glasses off because it was uncomfortable.


It seems as if the actors from Business Proposal have really made the show their own through the ad-libs, whether it was during an intense kiss between lead actors Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Sejeong (known as Kim Se Jeong)…

| SBS Catch/ YouTube 

Or an iconic slap, the show has continued to wow netizens with the smallest details created by the cast.

| SBS Catch/ YouTube

Although the show might be coming to an end, it isn’t surprising that netizens have become so obsessed with everything from the storyline, characters, and the actors in the K-Drama.

You can read more about the iconic scene below.

One Scene From K-Drama “Business Proposal” Is Going Crazy Viral, And We’re Not Even Surprised

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