Here’s All We Know About “Business Proposal” Kim Sejeong’s Next K-Drama And Her New Male Lead

We can’t wait!

Kim Sejeong has been facing immense popularity with her latest K-Drama romcom, Business Proposal. She has been steadily building up her acting experience over the years. We first saw her in her first lead role with School 2017. The role as high schooler Ra Eun Ho suited her perfectly thanks to her young age.

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Next, she won over the Korean public with The Uncanny Counter. She starred as Do Ha Na, an evil spirit buster with mind-reading skills.

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Her career took off with Business Proposal, an over-the-top romcom that plays into all the clichés of K-Drama. Despite its Wattpad-esque story and comedic presentation, the drama was a ray of light for those that simply needed a lighthearted watch.

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At the peak of her career, many are anticipating Kim Sejeong’s next drama. This will be an important point for her, as it could determine if she has the chops to make it big or not. The star has been casted for the Korean-adaptation of Japanese drama Juhan Shuttai! since 2021.


The remake will be titled Today’s Webtoon (literal translation) and Sejeong will be taking the role of a woman who has been hired as a webtoon editor. The drama will tell the tale of her growth alongside her various antics with her colleagues. The character beat out high competition to get a contractor position at the company. Paired with her amazing appetite and background as a national judo athlete, she makes for an unlikely heroine. She was forced to begin a new chapter of her life after sustaining an injury during a competition. After she visits the webtoon company on a food delivery trip for a part time job, she sets her heart on working there as a webtoon editor.

The last we heard of it, Kim Sejeong had accepted the role but her male lead had not yet been cast. Now, as the drama slowly moves towards crank-in, we have her male lead. Enter Nam Yoon Su, a rookie actor born in 1997. He first strolled onto the screen in Extracurricular, a Netflix-produced high school thriller. He later grew in popularity and soon got a gig opposite (G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon as the MC for M!Countdown.

With his most recent work being The King’s Affection


…Nam Yoon Su is sure the actor to watch! We’re excited to see how he does opposite Kim Sejeong. Today’s Webtoon is slated for a launch in late 2022.



Source: JTBC News