Businessman arrested for violent behavior on Korean Air flight receives jail sentence

Lim Bum Joon received his sentence for being violent during a flight from Hanoi, Vietnam to Incheon.

Incheon District Court judge Park Jae Sung sentenced businessman Lim Bum Joon to 1 year in prison, suspended 2 years and also fined him ₩5 million KRW ($4,400 USD).

Mr. Im was on trial for causing a violent disturbance in the business class section of a Korean Air flight back on December 20 where the passengers, including Richard Marx, were required to restrain him.

Judge Park Jae Sung revealed the reasoning for Lim Bum Joon’s sentence.

“It was not right for Lim Bum Joon to cause such a disturbance on the flight. However, we also took into consideration that this was his first offence and he paid a considerable amount of money to the victims as compensation.”

— Park Jae Sung

This is not the end of the situation for Lim Bum Joon however. Back on January 10, 2 Korean Air crew members filed a lawsuit against him looking to claim ₩22 million KRW ($19,362 USD) for physical and mental damages caused by the incident. They argue that due to his violence, they received injuries that took 3 weeks to heal.

Source: Business Post