“Busted!” Reunion: Actresses Park Min Young And Kim Sejeong Can’t Leave Each Other’s Side At The 2022 AAAs

We need a “Busted!” Season 4 already!

The 2022 Asia Artist Awards (known as The 2022 AAAs) was held in Japan on December 13 to honor Asian entertainers in music, television, etc. With many of the hottest celebrities in one place, past co-stars were able to reunite too.

Singer-actress Kim Sejeong (also romanized as Kim Se Jeong) won both “AAA Most Popular Star” and “AAA Best Actor” while actress Park Min Young won “AAA Hot Trend” and “AAA Best Artist For Acting.”

But the actresses were arguably more excited about seeing each other!

Park Min Young
Kim Sejeong

Kim Sejeong and Park Min Young are not only two of the most popular Korean actresses, but they appeared together on the mystery variety show Busted! together.

This whodunnit series is more ‘Keystone Cops’ than ‘Sherlock Holmes.’ A panel of Korean entertainers teams up with some of the biggest names in K-drama to solve mysteries. Each episode sees the bumbling detectives trying to solve a different case, based on vignettes presented by famous Korean actors and comics, but it’s all part of an overarching plot that unfolds throughout the series. The tension mounts as the sleuths edge closer to solving the biggest mystery of all — what happened to Project D?

— IMDb

From left: EXO’s Sehun, Kim Sejeong, and Park Min Young | Netflix

While Kim Sejeong was not in the first couple of episodes, naturally, she and Park Min Young became close fast once she joined the cast. Considering they are both so sweet and outgoing, it was no surprise!

During The 2022 AAAs, Park Min Young went over to Kim Sejeong’s table, reuniting the two “detectives.” They were so happy to see each other again!

While Park Min Young was not originally sitting with Kim Sejeong, she joined the table so they could catch up. They were both laughing so much. It’s totally like when besties see each other for the first time in forever!

Later, when all the artists had to go on stage for a group photo, Park Min Young tried to sit beside Kim Sejeong. Unfortunately, since Min Young is a sunbae, she needed to sit closer to the center.

So, ultimately, Park Min Young was dragged away by Girls’ Generation‘s Kwon Yuri to sit beside her and Super Junior‘s Siwon. Park Min Young reluctantly cooperated because she didn’t want to separate from Kim Sejeong!

Hopefully, Park Min Young and Kim Sejeong will work together soon… Busted! Season 4, anyone?

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