Buzzfeed Apologizes To ARMYs After Making An “Insensitive” Remark About BTS Jin’s Enlistment On Social Media

They also deleted the tweet after criticisms from ARMYs!

Last month, news outlets worldwide went crazy when HYBE announced that BTS‘s Jin had withdrawn his application to postpone his enlistment. It meant that all of the members would be serving their mandatory Korean military enlistment in the coming years after the government’s discussions on whether they should be exempt.

Yet, Buzzfeed has come under fire after one of their Twitter accounts seemingly made an insensitive comment about the enlistment.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

After the announcement of Jin’s enlistment, there was a lot of buzz surrounding the news from across the world. Jin even addressed the topic during a recent live stream, explaining how the plans changed several times and even the hate comments he had received.

It has meant that although ARMYs are okay talking about it, they have raised anger when big publications have addressed the topic insensitively.

| BTS/Weverse 

Although the tweet has now been deleted, Buzzfeed wrote a response referring to the ARMYs’ speculation that Jin would appear in a “Thirst Tweets” video. With ARMYs worrying that their thirst tweets might be seen by the idol, they went to Buzzfeed to ask.

They replied saying he wasn’t but mentioning “boot camp” seemingly rubbed fans the wrong way as it was a reference to the group’s military enlistment announcement.

You guys, don’t worry. We don’t have anything planned right now. I don’t think they’ll let us film anything at the boot camp. That would be a breach in security.

— Buzzfeed

Although it seemed like a joke, many ARMYs did not feel the same way, especially as how vocal Jin’s been about the details surrounding his enlistment.

When the tweet was first shared on social media, ARMYs shared their anger at the insensitivity of the message. While some pointed out that the account seemed too comfortable to act like an “BTS stan account,” others explained that it was wrong to use other countries’ laws as a joke.

Over 12 hours after it was posted, the account shared another tweet related to BTS, and it was a throwback to when the members appeared in the iconic “Puppy interview.”

Although fans loved the video, one ARMY shared that they were still upset about the joke made by the company on the Twitter account.

It was only when the account saw this message that they seemingly realized what they had done wrong and replied, “You know what, you’re right. Apologies, and we deleted the tweet.” They then deleted the tweet from their account.

Although ARMYs have shared their pride on hearing BTS making their own decision on enlistment, the alleged continued use of BTS for “clout” or using Korean culture to make jokes is something they are sick of seeing.

You can read more about Jin talking about his enlistment below.

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