C-JeS Studios Confirms Lee Jae Wook And aespa’s Karina Have Broken Up

It is officially over.

Lee Jae Wook‘s agency C-JeS Studios has confirmed he has broken up with aespa‘s Karina.

In a statement shared with media outlet SPOTV, C-JeS Studios confirmed Lee Jae Wook and Karina’s relationship has ended.

Actor Lee Jae Wook decided to end the relationship in order to focus on his work that he is currently filming. The two will remain good colleagues and support one another.

They will greet their fans with good activities through their respective avenues in the future. Please show your interest and support.

— C-JeS Studios

Earlier, it was reported that Karina and Lee Jae Wook broke up five weeks after their relationship was made public.

Aespa’s Karina And Lee Jae Wook Have Reportedly Broken Up

Source: SPOTV


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