Kim Sehoon To Be Excluded From C9 Entertainment’s New Boy Group Following Exposure Of Controversial Past

He will not be debuting.

C9 Entertainment has announced that trainee Kim Sehoon will not be debuting as a member of their new boy group.


Alleged old classmates of Kim Sehoon have previously shared stories, claiming that he was a thug and a bully in middle school.


On April 4, C9 Entertainment released an official statement stating that Kim Sehoon’s behavior until his 2nd year of middle school was unacceptable but clarified that most of the rumors are false or have been exaggerated.

It has been confirmed that (Kim Sehoon) has conducted behavior that is unacceptable as a student until his 2nd year of middle school. However, most of the content is false or has been exaggerated. We have confirmed this even through a phone call with his homeroom teacher of the time.

ㅡ C9 Entertainment


Kim Sehoon was suspected of breaking windows, throwing chairs, desks, bags or stationary inside the classroom but the agency clarified that Kim Sehoon did not do this or if he did, it was a group action by the entire classroom rather than an individual act on his part. His homeroom teacher also stated that Kim Sehoon was not a perpetrator of school violence and felt it was unfortunate that the issue had grown so big.

Due to the growing controversy, Kim Sehoon had apparently requested that he be excluded from the debut group during a meeting with his parents and the debut members.


C9 Entertainment concluded their statement by saying that they will take legal action against those who spread malicious rumors against Kim Sehoon and asked everyone to refrain from further criticizing the aspiring, young trainee.

We plan to take criminal/civil legal action if we come across any distribution of false information regarding Kim Sehoon. He is a student in his 3rd year of high school who is working hard to achieve his dream and who is far too young to give up just yet. We ask for your understanding.

ㅡ C9 Entertainment


Meanwhile, C9BOYZ (tentative name) whose members include Bae Jinyoung, Yonghee, B, Seunghun and Hyunsuk is expected to debut during the latter half of this year.


Source: Dispatch