Camila Cabello Yet Again Shows Her Love For TWICE

Were you surprised, ONCEs?

Famous “Havana” singer Camila Cabello once again showed her love of TWICE…this time to her Spotify followers!

Cabello had stated in the past that she fell in love with TWICE’s “Candy Pop” once she heard it during her press tour in Japan. As it turns out, she’s stayed a fan of the group since!

On January 8, eagle eyed Camilizers (Cabello’s fanclub name) noticed that a certain K-Pop track appeared on her live playlist on her official public Spotify account (camilistening).

You guessed it! Cabello was listening to “YES or YES” on Spotify some time during her day, and it made ONCEs go wild!

Cabello is currently one of the hottest acts in the West, especially on Spotify (where in June 2018 “Havana” was named the most streamed song ever by a female solo artist), so her showing her fans that she listens to TWICE is a big deal.

As she has millions of fans around the world, Cabello showing that she is a fan of TWICE could easily lead to her fans checking out the group as well.

It’s so cute that TWICE just keeps getting Western buzz left and right…and they haven’t even held a concert tour here yet!

While Cabello was likely just casually listening to TWICE during her day, that doesn’t mean ONCEs didn’t hope that this could lead to a potential collaboration song or stage in the near future.

We’re hoping for a collab song, ourselves. Since 2019 has just begun…well, who knows what could happen?

Maybe ONCEs’ wish can come true!

Source: Billboard