Canadian ARMY Thanks BTS’s Jimin For His Life-Changing Music By Donating Free Meals To Busan Citizens

This family’s story has touched the hearts of ARMY all around the world.

K-Pop fans often find creative, unexpected, or touching ways to celebrate the birthdays of their favorite idols, but this one project by a Canadian ARMY is sure to warm your heart!

Jimin from BTS. | @bts_twt/Twitter

A fan account for BTS‘s Jimin, @traceofjimin, shared the heartwarming story of the Kingsley family in Canada. According to the account, the father of the Kingsley family is a dementia patient whose entire body is paralyzed due to a stroke. His condition worsened until it became difficult to keep him awake, even during meal times.

The family tried various methods, following the doctor’s advice. However, the daughter, who is a fan of BTS, played Jimin’s 2016 solo song, “Lie” to her father. According to the fan account’s post, “He opened his eyes and tried to follow the sound,” and the family has played Jimin’s music to keep him awake for meals for over two months.

| BTS/Facebook

The Kingsley family decided to thank Jimin for his song by helping the “vulnerable elderly” in Geumjung-gu, Busan, Jimin’s hometown. They donated free meals that include two kinds of dishes, both related to Jimin: one is pork cutlet, Jimin’s favorite food; the other is perilla leaf kimchi, a dish Jimin made in an episode of Run BTS.

The fan account clarified that they only put the Kingsley family in contact with the facility and that the donation comes from the family themselves. Each meal will also come with this card that says, “Happy Birthday to BTS’s Jimin. Enjoy your meal!”

The photocard that will come with each donated meal. | @traceofjimin/Twitter

The story of the Kingsley family has touched the hearts of ARMY all around the world who are amazed by their story and their dedication.

| theqoo
  • “22. Wishing the best for the Kingsley family.”
  • “23. This is incredible. Wishing the father a speedy recovery.”
  • “24. ‘Love started from Jimin went through Canada and arrived back in South Korea.’ This is so, SO amazing and moving. Keeping the Kingsley family in my thoughts.”
  • “25. Oh wow, this is heartwarming.”
  • “26. I can tell this is a dedicated ARMY. The meal has pork cutlet and perilla leaf kimchi… all related to Jimin. Thank you so much for helping those in need!”
  • “27. Knowing where the help came from… this story is tenfold more awesome. I hope the father gets well soon.”
  • “28. This is so beautiful. Look how Jimin is spreading positivity.”

Jimin’s birthday is on October 13, and ARMYs have already begun preparing and executing incredible projects in his name. It’s sure to be an amazing day for both Jimin and ARMYs!

Source: theqoo and Twitter