Korean Netizens’ Criticism Of A Filipina TikToker Sparks #CancelKorea Backlash 

Bella Poarch’s controversial tattoo has launched a heated debate about racism.

A Filipina TikTok star has received criticism from Korean netizens that is triggering backlash from international netizens.

Bella Poarch is a popular social media influencer with over 15 million followers on TikTok and 2 million followers on Instagram. In a recent video, a tattoo that incorporates Japan’s Rising Sun flag can be seen on her arm.

This flag is associated with Japanese imperialism, as well as Japan’s actions in World War II. It remains particularly offensive in South Korea due to Imperial Japan’s treatment of Korea while the country was under its colonial rule.

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As such, Korean netizens have taken offense to Bella Poarch’s tattoo and pointed out why it’s problematic.

In response, the TikToker apologized for her tattoo, stating that she loves Korea. She has also promised to have the tattoo covered or removed to correct her mistake.

Although some Korean netizens expressed their feeling respectfully, others attacked Bella Poarch with racial slurs that insulted not just her, but all people from the Philippines.

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In response to this discrimination, netizens are trending #CancelKorea on Twitter to draw attention to racism, as well as the relationship between South Korea and the Philippines.

Some Twitter users are also sharing their own personal experiences with discrimination in South Korea.

Many of the netizen trending #CancelKorea are K-Pop fans who are saddened and upset by recent events. As much as they love K-Pop, they are putting the love for their country and fellow Filipinos first.

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