From Cancelled Flight To Private Jet: TWICE Jihyo’s Vlog Captures What Really Happened That Day

You could feel their exhaustion 😥

TWICE recently stopped by several cities in America for their latest world tour and held memorable concerts in each area. However, it unfortunately wasn’t as smooth-sailing as expected!

As previously reported, TWICE’s flight to Atlanta from Fort Worth was cancelled when an unexpected winter storm hit the city. Jihyo‘s latest vlog captured the stressful journey from start to finish, and boy, was it a ride!

TWICE’s Jihyo | @TWICE/YouTube

1. Fort Worth hotel

It all started when they were told that their flight was cancelled. Jihyo filmed herself inside her hotel room, explaining that if it weren’t for the weather, they would have already been in Atlanta.

We should have arrived at our next destination by now, but our flight was cancelled. What will happen to our concert tomorrow? They’re looking for another flight. I hope we find another flight.

— Jihyo

2. Fort Worth to Austin

Their plan was to rent a private jet. To reach it, however, they needed to take a 3 hour drive to an airport in Austin. Jihyo could instinctively feel that another roadblock was headed their way.

Our flight was cancelled, so we’re driving to another airport. We’ll get there in 3 hours, and from there, we’ll take a private jet.

It’s so cold here. It just feels like a bad omen. I hope we get there safely, and I’ll turn on the camera again when we get there.

— Jihyo

3. Austin to Houston

And Jihyo’s gut feeling was right! Their scheduled flight from Austin was also cancelled, so they had no other choice but to drive to another airport—this time in Houston. At this point, the girls must have been filled with exhaustion and disappointment.

We were scheduled to take the flight from Austin. We were supposed to fly from Austin, but it was also cancelled, so we’re driving to Houston. I’ll keep up the spirit.

— Jihyo

4. Houston to Atlanta

Finally, the long trip was coming to an end. The members and their staff safely made it to Houston, where they first waited in a rest area.

ONCE! We’re finally at the airport after 7 hours on the road. I’m so tired, and so are the members. driving for 7 hours is no joke. We still have to fly, but we can do it!

— Jihyo

Afterwards, they boarded a large private jet and made their way to Atlanta.

They looked relieved and happy to be on board.

It wasn’t the trip that they were expecting, but their concert was a huge success. Most importantly, the girls appeared happy with how it turned out!

Aside from Jihyo, TWICE’s Sana also shared her perspective of the stressful journey in a past video. Find out what she said in the article below.

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