“Captain Korea” Son Heung Min’s Humble Post-Game Interview Has Korea Simping All Over Again

He’s a true captain for the things he said.

Following the 2022 FIFA World Cup match between Korea and Brazil, Son Heung Min‘s humble responses during an interview reminded Koreans why they fell for the soft-hearted captain.

Son Heung Min | @hm_son7/Instagram

Because Son Heung Min recently recovered from an injury that caused four fractures in his eye socket, an interviewer asked the captain about the status of his recovery.

You’ve played in four full-time matches only a month after receiving the surgery. I’ve heard that you’re experiencing some pain. Can I ask you for updates on how your recovery is coming?

— Interviewer

Although the question was about him, Son Heung Min proved he was the ultimate captain by showing concern for his teammates instead.

I’m- I’m okay. Compared to what my teammates have gone through, this is nothing. I’m fine.

— Son Heung Min

Even when Son Heung Min was asked about his feelings on the “long journey” the tournament has been for the Korean team, the first thing he did was praise his teammates.

Well… My teammates, they all worked really hard. I’m really sorry to the Korean citizens, soccer fans, everyone who’ve been rooting for us.

We tried our best, though. We wanted to bring the scores closer together and we worked really hard to do so. But it was such a tough match.

Regardless, I am very proud of my teammates for how far they’ve come. There is no doubt that they have been nothing but dedicated and that they worked so hard for this.

— Son Heung Min

Despite the team’s recent loss, Son Heung Min thanked his teammates for the blood, sweat, and tears they put into the sport.

Interviewer: You were seen talking to your teammates after the match. What did you tell them?

Son Heung Min: I was grateful to my teammates, for their dedication on and off the court. They have deeply inspired me. So I thanked them.

Son Heung Min will always stand by his teammates and put them first, whether they win or lose. With a humble personality like that, no wonder Koreans are falling for the captain all over again.

| @hm_son7/Instagram
Source: Twitter
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