Captain Son Heung Min Is Going Viral After Defending His Teammates During Interview

“Captain Son is the definition of a good captain.”

Korean National Team captain Son Heung Min is going viral after defending his teammates in an interview.

Son Heung Min | The Athletic

On December 6, Korea’s Cinderella run at the 2022 Qatar World Cup came to an end. On this day, Korea’ National Team lost 4-1 to football powerhouse Brazil.

Brazilian football team | Yahoo! Sports

Despite the loss, the Koreans are celebrating the team’s strong outing at this year’s tournament, advancing into the round of 16 for the first time in 12 years.

Korean National Team | Bloomberg

Although every player on Team Korea did their best, undoubtedly the team’s captain, Son Heung Min, proved he was a world-class player when he drove the ball down the pitch before laying it off for Hwang Hee Chan, who scored in minute 91 of Korea’s winning effort against Portugal.

Hwang Hee Chan | Yahoo Sport UK

Son Heung Min’s leadership didn’t stop once off the pitch. After the team’s devastating loss to Brazil, Son Heung Min was interviewed by the international press. When asked why Korea didn’t play as well in their match against Brazil, the star striker immediately defended his team.

 “I don’t want to blame any of my players because they gave everything. I’m very proud, very happy the young guys did an amazing job for the national team.”

— Son Heung Min

International and Korean netizens alike praised Son Heung Min for standing up for his players, proving the player’s worth as a captain.

Korean netizens couldn’t help but heap praise on the star. Many netizens expressed how proud they were of the Korean team and thanked them for making this year’s tournament especially memorable.

  • “He’s so cool. Don’t blame the players. They really did their best.”
  • “He’s so cool.”
  • “He’s the definition of a good captain. Captain Son.”
  • “He’s a real captain.”
  • “B@stards ㅠㅠ. Sonny is really cool.”
  • “He’s a real captain. He’s really cool.”
  • “Capatin Son is really cool.”

The World Cup may be over for Son Heung Min, but fans will still be able to root for his team Tottenham Hotspurs!


Source: theqoo