Carats Aren’t Pleased With SEVENTEEN’s Okinawa Fanclub Trip

Another opportunity for sasaengs?

Pledis has announced a trip for Japanese Carats to spend 3 days at a resort in Okinawa, Japan with a few planned events involving SEVENTEEN.

The events are said to be a fanmeeting, a group photo with the members, a Q&A session, and hi-touch. But, Carats are using the hashtag #플레디스_팬클럽_여행_취소해 to get Pledis’s attention to cancel the trip in fear of SEVENTEEN’s safety.

Carats are adamant about canceling the trip, especially after the sasaeng incident involving Woozi. They view the trip as another opportunity for sasaengs to wreak havoc.

Carats all over the world are standing in solidarity by using the hashtag because SEVENTEEN’s safety is the top priority.

Considering the cancellation of NU’EST W’s fanmeet last year, this isn’t the first time Pledis has come under fire for scheduling fan-meets at the expense of its artists.


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