CARATs Are Just As Shocked At MBC’s Claim That SEVENTEEN Built Up HYBE’s Headquarters

They want to make things clear.

Recently, a statement claiming that HYBE was built by group SEVENTEEN was aired on MBC’s Hangout With You. After the teaser release, they received much criticism and backlash from ARMYs.

In the original clip, the subtitles state, “The HYBE headquarters built up by SEVENTEEN.”ARMYs that saw the clip were furious and called it an “absolute distortion of history.”

After this blew up on social media, fans found that the subtitles have since then been edited. The updated subtitles now state, “Welcome to HYBE’s headquarters. Even the members were in awe of the new building. 

Most recently, an online community post garnered attention as they wanted to make it clear that ARMYs only had beef with the production team at MBC and not with SEVENTEEN or their fans.


In the post, they revealed news articles showing that the new HYBE building was already built in 2019.


However, PLEDIS, which is SEVENTEEN’s agency, was acquired in May 2020.

The OP felt that BTS literally built 99.9% of the HYBE headquarters and that it was only natural for ARMYs to be enraged about MBC’s subtitle claim.

SEVENTEEN fans also felt that the subtitle was inappropriate and understood why ARMYs were shocked by the claim.

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “I agree, I’m a SEVENTEEN fan, and I can see why ARMYs would be angry. SEVENTEEN and their fans don’t think they built up HYBE. The production team really went too far on this.”
  • “This is something to be angry about.”
  • “Even SEVENTEEN fans are confused about this, just imagine how BTS fans feel.”

SEVENTEEN are just the head of the family and had a hard time trying to save PLEDIS. They are just happy that they have succeeded by looking at the huge building. They are never late on paying their rent.

This is just f*cking funny. The show cast and SEVENTEEN members have done nothing wrong. It’s all because of the production team who chose the wrong words.

This is so embarrassing. Why are you doing this to the SEVENTEEN fans? The production team needs to apologize for this. Both sides are just flabbergasted by this. What is all this…

Even as a Carat, I find it absurd…our kids raised Pledis, right?

On the other hand, MBC has recently edited the subtitle claim on various media platforms.

MBC Edits Claim That SEVENTEEN “Built” HYBE’s Headquarters

Source: theqoo


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