Cardi B Reveals Who Her Favorite Member of BTS Is

Did you expect him to be Cardi B’s bias?

It’s no secret that talented American rapper and singer, Cardi B is a huge BTS fan!

American rapper Cardi B | W Magazine

Cardi B first met BTS at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards where she quickly came to understand how BTS was so popular and why so many people loved them!

Cardi’s daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus is also a fan of BTS and Cardi expressed in the past that she hoped she could get an autograph for her. Cardi has also shared clips of her daughter listening to BTS!

Cardi B has shown love for BTS multiple times since meeting the group. Despite not understanding the music initially, she has taken the time to learn more about the group’s messages in their songs.


I like their (BTS’) music, I could barely understand their music, but we been translating, bopping, I like that. I like to learn about different cultures, I like to learn about different people especially because they look at us and they support us so we gotta support them too

— Cardi B


Many ARMY have wondered who Cardi’s favorite member of the group is and now they finally have an answer!

The rapper was doing a Q&A session with fans on her Twitter account and answering a variety of questions. When a fan asked who her bias or favorite member of BTS is, Cardi quickly responded with a photo of Jimin!

ARMY approve of Cardi’s choice and even say her bias was obvious! Additionally, many fans are fantasizing about the possibility of a collab between the two artists.

All we have to say is, Cardi B x Jimin when?!