“They Only Care About Money” Korean Netizens Criticize YG Entertainment’s Management Of TREASURE

“Mismanaging boy groups is YG’s specialty…”

Korean netizens complained about the number of TREASURE‘s promotions overseas.

TREASURE | YG Entertainment

On May 9, an online post titled “The Boy Group That Domestic Fans Are Starting To Ask When They Will Promote In Korea” went viral. The post, which has been viewed over 140K times as of this writing, posted TREASURE’s overseas promotions.

Their Asia tour started on November 26 and ended on January 31. They had domestic schedules in February, and from March to May, they had an Asia Tour and Japanese fan meetings. In June, they are in Korea before going to Japan in July and in August. Then yesterday, they revealed TREASURE’s September schedule, which angered the fandom.

— Netizen

The netizen uploaded TREASURE’s September schedule, which showed that the idol group would be spending the majority of the month meeting fans in Japan.

| YG Entertainment

Netizens criticized YG Entertainment for allegedly ignoring Korean fans and mismanaging the group’s schedules.

  • “If the group is popular in Korea, they will be popular in Japan as well, LOL. Doing all of this won’t make them popular in Japan… Japan’s fans are known to only like popular K-Pop groups.”
  • “LOL, but they aren’t the fourth-generation group that is most popular in Japan anyways. This is too much.”
  • “Mismanaging boy groups is YG’s specialty… They suck.”
  • “If my idols didn’t have a comeback and this was their schedule, I’d be pissed off. This is almost like (YG Entertainment) is daring fans to leave the fandom.”
  • “What’s wrong with their schedules…”
  • “(YG Entertainment) only cares about money… Oh my god.”
  • “There aren’t any schedules that would promote the group to new Japanese fans, such as television shows. Instead (YG Entertainment) plans to just take as much money from existing fans as possible.”
  • “This is obviously to make as much money as possible.”

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Source: theqoo


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