The Case Of A Korean Woman Who Almost Had Her Ear Severed At A Gangnam Club Has Been Closed

No charges have been brought up.

The disturbing case of a Korean woman in her 20s who had her ear almost severed at a club in Gangnam has been closed.

On June 16, it was reported that according to the Gangnam Police, the case was closed in April due to a lack of evidence that a crime had occurred.

Seoul Gangnam Police Station | Heerim

The police stated they reviewed CCTV footage but could not find an incident with a third party that may have caused the accident.

The woman was found bleeding after going clubbing in Gangnam on January 9. At the time, an employee called the police, but the woman, who was drunk, refused to go to the hospital and received only emergency  treatment.

Picture of club for illustrative purposes only | Trazy

It wasn’t until 4 am the next morning that the woman received treatment at an emergency room, after which she filed a police report. At the time the woman is said to have stated that she didn’t remember how it happened because she was too drunk.

The woman’s Instagram post after the incident occurred | Wikitree

Yesterday I was at a club (redacted) from 11:30 in the morning to 1:30 in the afternoon. While I was there, someone cut my ear. The hospital and police say there is no way this occurred by falling and that it must have occurred by a knife or a sharp scissor. I reported it to the police and had urgent surgery at the emergency room, but I will need cosmetic surgery on my ear. Please let me know if you know anything. The club’s MD and employees did not care for me and are not telling me anything about this attack.

— Woman’s Instagram post

According to the police, they had reviewed CCTV footage, and interviewed club employees and possible witnesses but did not find enough evidence that a crime had occurred.

The woman was with another party throughout being inside the club. Although she could have fallen and hurt herself, we could not find an incident with a third party that may have caused this.

— Gangnam Police

Source: Wikitree, Money S and The Fact