Korean Woman In Her 20’s Found In Broad Daylight With Her Ear Cut Off At A Gangnam Club

She has no recollection of it happening.

According to different Korean news outlets, a Korean woman (Ms. A) in her 20’s has been found with her ear cut off in a Gangnam club.

On January 10, the Gangnam Police Station received a report about Ms. A and a club that is located in Gangnam-gu, South Korea. According to the police reports, Ms. A was found on January 9 with one of her ears cut off.

Gangnam Police Station | Yonhap News

The woman was reportedly discovered by a club employee, who noticed that Ms. A was bleeding profusely from the side of her head. They called 911, but Ms. A is said to have refused treatment at the time due to her state of heavy intoxication.

According to the reports, the EMTs bandaged up her head and performed light first aid on Ms. A before sending her back home due to her continuous refusal.

Photo used for illustrative purposes.

It was the following day that Ms. A woke up to find herself with a large bandage over her ear—which is when she took herself to the emergency room. This is also around the same time she reported the situation to the Gangnam Police.

According to Ms. A’s statement, she “woke up sober when [she] noticed [her] ear was cut off.” She also further shared that she had no recollection of how it happened.

Photo used for illustrative purposes.

A Gangnam Police official shared with the media that they are “investigating the exact cause of the situation” by going through the CCTVs within the club.

Source: Daum News and theqoo