CCTV Captures Korean Man Beating Up His Girlfriend… The Brutal Footage Sets Internet On Fire

Netizens are furious at not only the man, but also the Korean police.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

Recently, a South Korean YouTube channel VIDEOMUG shared a controversial video — of a Korean man assaulting his girlfriend — which now has the internet completely outraged.

The violent video showed a drunk man “B” brutally assaulting his girlfriend “A” nonstop for 15 times:

In an interview that followed the horrifying CCTV footage capturing the unspeakable events of the night, A said that she “initially received a phone call from B’s friend“.

B’s friend called me and said that B is drunk and passed out on the street. He asked if I could come pick B up. I said I couldn’t because I’m in Busan and it’s too far. Shortly after I hung up, B called back and said he was disappointed that I didn’t care about his condition.

— A

When A arrived in front of her apartment building, she “heard a loud honk” coming from B’s car. B had drunk-driven to A’s house and waited there…

He knew on which floor I lived, but not in which unit. It has only been three months since we started seeing each other. So I didn’t want to tell him where I lived… I was kind of scared.

— A

… only to harass A. She recalled, “I kept telling him to call a cab and go home. He wouldn’t listen. Instead, he kept trying to follow me inside.

For over an hour, A and B hassled each other. When A walked B back to his car and insisted he leaves, B began attacking her for “not wanting to spend more time” with him.

This video includes violence that will make you uncomfortable. We are revealing the footage in full to raise awareness that date violence is a serious crime.


B kept targeting A’s face in his attacks, which led to A requiring eight weeks of hospitalization for surgeries and treatments.

At one point, when A fell unconscious, B tried to “kidnap” A by dragging her into his vehicle.

When A gained consciousness, she got off the car and walked away — calling the police for help. Unfortunately, until A decided to share her story with VIDEOMUG, the police remained extremely unhelpful toward A.

I gave the police his name, number, address birthdate, car model and license plate information… only to find out later that they didn’t even go look for him.

— A

For one, B did not get arrested. The police insisted that “there is nothing to worry about” and that “B will not try to get in touch with A because he’s on crutches too.

There isn’t a huge need to arrest B because he is showing up to be questioned. Also the circumstances are too vague for us to issue an arrest warrant.

— Yangsan City Police Department

Hence, even during the investigation, B continued to call and visit A — making her feel anxious and frightened. Only after the media got involved, the police arrested B for investigating in detention.

Upon watching the infuriating video, Korean netizens are pressing the police and the South Korean government to show B no mercy — while many worry that the court will practice leniency in favor of the offender.

Watch the full video here:

Source: THEQOO