CCTV Footage Post-Assault From Koo Hara’s Apartment Released

Here’s what happened before the police report was filed.

CCTV footage that showed what happened with Koo Hara and her ex-boyfriend between the time of the assault incident and the time of the police report has been released.


According to the footage, Koo Hara’s ex-boyfriend could be seen taking the elevator down at approximately 1:20 am, immediately after their physical quarrel.


Koo Hara then appears at the elevator, looking at her neck through the mirror.


The next clip shows Koo Hara turning her back on her ex in the elevator as he enters with some luggage. He can be seen smoking as they wait for their friend.


Soon after, Koo Hara, her ex-boyfriend and a man who is presumably a friend got into the elevator carrying some luggage and clothing.


Koo Hara and her ex-boyfriend then exchanged a few words at the parking lot and parted ways.


Shortly later at 1:26 am, the ex-boyfriend sent in his first message to Dispatch. The former couple’s argument over text message allegedly happened until 2:30 am. Finally, the assault case was reported to the police at 3:20 am by the ex-boyfriend, who also sent his second message to Dispatch at 4:20 am.

Goo Hara vs. Ex-Boyfriend's Assault Case