Judge Who Demanded To See Goo Hara’s Sex Cam In Court Criticized By The Public

“You are harming her a 2nd time over.”

Goo Hara suffered a long legal battle against her ex-boyfriend after he physically assaulted her, damaged her house, and threatened her with a sex cam he had taken without her consent. One of the judges who worked on the case is being heavily criticized for demanding to see Goo Hara’s sex cam in court.


Back in August, Judge Oh Duk Shik ruled that Choi Jong Bum (Hara’s ex-boyfriend) was guilty of property damage, physical assault, threatening, and forceful action. But he ruled that the boyfriend was not guilty for filming the sex cam.

He claimed Goo Hara knew that her boyfriend took the video and did not ask to delete it. Choi Jong Bum was only given probation for his crimes.

The victim did not consent to the video but it is difficult to say that she was not aware of him filming. The victim heard him filming and did not delete it.

Also, the defendant did not share or spread the video nor use it to blackmail her for money or sexually shame her.

— Judge Oh Duk Shik


Goo Hara’s lawyer fought the ruling and claimed that probation was not enough for the crimes that he had confessed guilty to or was found guilty of.

The judge responded, “We judge that the contents of the video is important,” and demanded to see the video in privacy of the court. Goo Hara’s lawyer reportedly rejected the request with rage.

It’s clear that the video was a sex cam and it may be understandable that the presiding judges would want to check for evidence, but it’s preposterous to have the video play in front of so many people even if it is in the privacy of the court.

You are harming her a 2nd time over.

— Goo Hara’s Judge


Netizens were furious after learning that the judge wanted Goo Hara’s illegal sex cam to be played in front of so many people.

“I heard that judge’s previous cases are controversial too.. How can they let someone like him continue as a judge? The victims continue to get hurt”

“That f*cker is really the 2nd-criminal he needs to be striped of his title”

“I hope you watch that video. It will be the last 4 minutes of your life. What kind of judge is this much of a f*cking trash?”

“??? Just because you’re a judge, you want to have the lawyers, the victim, the defendant, the witnesses, and everybody in the room watch the video together? Even if that’s not the case, how can you ask the victim who’s suffering from the sex cam to expose the very sex cam to others..”

“Are you f*cking serious? What do you mean you can’t judge fairly if the court doesn’t see the video.. She didn’t want the video to be seen by anybody else in the world, so much that she even got on her knees despite having bruises all over her body from being hit by that man… She didn’t want it seen by anyone to that extent but you demanded to see it…”

— K-Netizens


Although Goo Hara has since left this world, her lawyers will continue to fight in her place in the upcoming appeal for a heavier sentencing for Choi Jong Bum’s crimes.

Source: YTN and Nate Pann

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