Goo Hara Revealed To Have Helped Shed The Truth In Jung Joon Young’s Chatroom Scandal Case

Goo Hara was courageous and devoted to helping other victims.

Reporter Kang Kyung Yoon is well known to have covered the news report about Jung Joon Young’s chatroom scandal, where multiple celebrities and their friends shared illegal sex cams on the chatrooms and allegedly raped multiple women.


During the time Jung Joon Young’s case was full blown, Goo Hara was also facing a storm due to her legal case with her ex-boyfriend. Her ex-boyfriend allegedly threatened her with a sex cam that he had taken while they were together.


Reporter Kang Kyung Yoon revealed that Goo Hara personally reached out to her, asking how she can be of help in shedding the truth on Jung Joon Young’s chatroom scandal. She wanted to help other women who were facing the same difficulties as she was after being sexually assaulted and “shamed”.

I reported on Jung Joon Young’s chatroom case. After I released my report, Goo Hara personally called me.

Since she was also a victim, she told me that she couldn’t help but reach out to me. She said, ‘I don’t know how much of a help I can be but I want to help.’

She showed so much motivation to actively fight with the case against Jung Joon Young.

— Kang Kyung Yoon


Kang Kyung Yoon revealed that Goo Hara was a big help in helping bring down the members in Jung Joon Young’s chatroom. She applauded Goo Hara for taking the courage to stand up for the victims.

Although Goo Hara was a female celebrity, she had also been a victim where her ex-boyfriend filmed her without her consent. She was courageous enough to ask around for my contact number and reach out to me first.

She said she wanted to help in anyway to reveal the truth, and she really was a big help to us.

— Kang Kyung Yoon


Kang Kyung Yoon and Goo Hara became close while working together. After she heard about Sulli’s passing, she personally contacted Goo Hara and made her promise to stay strong.

Knowing Goo Hara was in a sensitive stage in her life, she didn’t want her to try and take her own life again. But Goo Hara was later found deceased in her home.

The day after news broke out about Sulli, I contacted Goo Hara. I told her to stay strong and not make a bad decision. She promised that she will continue to live well until the end but this happened and I’m personally very upset that it happened.

— Kang Kyung Yoon


Thank you to Goo Hara for all of her help in finding justice for the victims of Jung Joon Young’s scandal, and may she rest in peace.

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