CCTV Footage Shows Customers Exhibiting Violent Behavior When Asked to Put on a Mask at a Bar

Disputes regarding the use of masks are on the rise in Korea.

JTBC news recently reported on disputes that took place due to the issue of wearing masks in indoor places to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

One incident in particular, which took place at a bar in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, was captured on CCTV, exposing two male customers for exhibiting violent and inappropriate behavior when asked to put on his mask properly.

In the CCTV footage, one male customer could be seen with the mask hanging from one ear while the other male customer held onto his in his hand.

When asked to put them on by the employee at the bar, the customer without a mask on threw his mask at the face of the employee while the customer with his mask on his ear threw his bag at the employee.

Despite other female customers trying to break up the dispute, the two male customers continued to push and insult the employee.

According to the employee’s testimony, the employee asked the customers to put on their masks due to bar regulations, but the men remarked, “Why are you being so strict” before proceeding with the assault.

Ahead of this incident, a similar dispute arose between a bus driver and a passenger in Incheon, where the customer was recorded shouting, “Then why is your nose exposed? Why? Your nose is exposed, too!

The number of daily new cases of COVID-19 is hovering around 30 to 50 in Korea, leading to an increase in the number of disputes regarding the use of masks in public places.

The two men in the video are said to be under investigation for assault.

Source: Insight