CCTV Video Of Lim Seulong’s Car Accident Released By News Reports

Warning: The video contents may be graphic.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

Lim Seulong of 2AM was recently involved in a fatal car accident where a pedestrian illegally crossing the street was hit by Seulong’s car. Joongang Ilbo released the CCTV footage of the accident that showed the unfortunate accident that occurred in just a matter of seconds.

The accident happened on a rainy night when the victim, Mr. A, was seen crossing the street when the light was red. He was seen dressed in black carrying a dark umbrella.

Just as Mr. A was nearing the end of the crosswalk, he was hit by Seulong’s SUV. Seulong appeared to have tried to break before the hit as his break lights were on, but the slippery road may have added to the fatal accident.

Mr. A was immediately rushed to the hospital but had passed away soon after. Seulong has apologized to the victim and his family.

The police revealed that Seulong was deeply shaken and shocked by the accident. They are currently investigating the accident to determine what level of responsibility and possible punishment will be sentenced.

The rate of negligence will be determined by investigating the speed of the vehicle, the situation of Seulong while he was driving, and other factoring variables.

Fans are deeply worried for Seulong as they left heartfelt messages on his social media. Prayers go out to the victim, his family, and those involved.

Source: Joonang Ilbo