Central Defense Response Headquarters To Negotiate Possible Punishment For Jaejoong’s COVID-19 Joke

He may be punished for his actions.

The Central Defense Response Headquarters is currently examining the possibility of punishment for JYJ’s Jaejoong regarding his April Fool’s Day Joke about the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

An official reported, “We are still trying to grasp the current situation with Jaejoong. It is intertwined with false facts so we are still in discussion as to how he will be punished.”

Although cases that involve prank calls to the quarantine authorities have the right to be punished, this case involves a celebrity who has written something through social media. They will have to take a deeper look at this before deciding on anything.

Previously during a briefing, the coordinator for the Central Disaster Safety Response Headquarters stated that although April Fool’s Day is a popular event in the West, that now is not the time to prank call or do anything that can cause confusion during this very serious time. He had requested that people refrain from doing prank calls.

Although Jaejoong did not directly make a prank call to the headquarters, he was a celebrity with great social influence and posting false information online can cause a great impact.

According to the current law, if someone deceives a government official or a national institution that could put their job in danger, they could be sent to prison for not more than five years or a fine not exceeding 1000 man won.

Jaejoong recently received much criticism after lying about contracting the Coronavirus as an April Fool’s Day Joke.

He clarified that he wanted to make people more aware that protecting oneself is the way to protect the people that you love as well. He also stated that he would receive all the punishment regarding his actions. He also posted an apology letter online to those affected and are fighting against COVID-19.

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