JYJ’s Jaejoong Reveals His “Confirmed” Coronavirus Diagnosis Was An April Fool’s Joke

It was all a prank.

JYJ‘s Jaejoong has just revealed that his “confirmed” Coronavirus diagnosis was an April Fool’s Joke.

Previously, he uploaded a post on his Instagram stating that he contracted Coronavirus, and was hospitalized. In his edit, he stated that it was an elaborate April Fool’s Joke and he wanted people to be aware about the current situation.

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주변의 사랑하는 사람 소중한 나의 누군가가 바이러스에 감염되었다? 너무 가슴 아픈 일입니다. 그럼에도 불구하고 나 몰라라.. 나는 아니겠지 하고 무방비 상태로 거리를 활보하고 생활하는 너무 많은 사람들로 인해 내 가족 지인들이 아플까 봐 너무 걱정되는 마음. 나 자신과 내 주변은 안전하겠지라는 착각이  나와 주변에 모든 것을 아프게 할 수 있습니다. 현재 저의 가까운 지인, 관계자분들도 바이러스 감염자가 늘어가고 있습니다. 절대 먼 곳의 이야기가 아닙니다. 부주의로 인한 슬픈 예감이 현실이 되었을 때 그땐 눈물 씻어내고 끝날 일이 아니라고 생각합니다. 현시점의 경각심.. 마음에 새기고 새깁시다. 만우절 농담으로 상당히 지나치긴 하지만 짧은 시간 안에 많은 분들이 걱정해 주셨습니다. 참.. 이 글 절대 만우절 장난이라 생각하지않습니다. 내 가족이 내 친구가 아프고..죽어갑니다.. 절대!!! 남의 일이 아닙니다. 나를 지키는 일이 소중한 사람들을 지키는 것이라는 이야기해 드리고 싶었습니다. 이 글로 인해 받을 모든 처벌 달게 받겠습니다. 모두가 건강하시길 바랍니다.

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There are many people around us that we love.

What if a person you love or a person precious to you was infected with a virus?

That’s something that is just heartbreaking.

Despite that, there are still so many people who are wandering the streets, acting as if nothing will happen to them. Many people are worried that their families and loved ones can get sick because of those people. Thinking that you and people around you will just be safe, that’s a mistake and it can cause a lot of damage.

Right now, many of my close acquaintances and staff are seeing increases in Coronavirus confirmations around them too. This is not just some faraway story.

I don’t think that seeing your fears come reality due to carelessness is just something you can cry and get over with.

Let’s just remain alert. And engrave it into our hearts, the situation.

This prank was too much to be considered a simple April Fool’s Day joke, but many people expressed their worry for me in a short time.

Ha… I don’t think this post is an April Fool’s Joke. My family or my friends can be hurt… or die… but never!! [That’s what people think.] It’s not just something that happens to others. I wanted to tell everyone that protecting yourself is the solution to protecting those precious to you.

I will accept all punishments that I deserve for this post.

I hope everyone stays healthy.

— Jaejoong

Source: Herald Pop, Sports Chosun and Osen
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