Here Are All The Celebrities Who Attended IU’s Concert To Support Her

The list is endless!

IU has recently held her 10th-anniversary tour concert where numerous celebrities from idols to actors and actresses showed up to support her. Here are all the celebrities who were spotted at IU’s concert!


1. Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Yeri

According to fans, these two idols stayed until IU’s final anchor performance!


2. Actress Park Sol Mi

Park Sol Mi is known to be a big fan of IU and had attended IU’s last concert with Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo.


3. Lyricist Kim Eana

Kim Eana is said to have gotten tickets for actress Park Si Yeon and Shim So Yeong as well.


4. Actress Park Si Yeon


5. Actress Shim So Yeong

Shim So Yeong apparently cried as soon as she saw IU.


6. DIA’s Yebin

Yebin used to be a member of IU’s fanclub!


7. Actress Kang Han Na


8. g.o.d

IU confessed that she was g.o.d’s biggest fan and even shed some tears when g.o.d was on stage with her as a guest.


9. Actor Lee Joon Ki


10. Sulli



TWICE appeared on IU’s concert as a guest and watched the concert after their performance.


12. Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho

Sooyoung uploaded a photo of IU’s concert with the caption, “A night that makes me wonder what story she will tell when she’s thirty”. Sooyoung is said to have attended the concert with her boyfriend and actor, Jung Kyung Ho.


13.  SS501’s Heo Youngsaeng


14. Jiyeon


15. Child actress Kim Gyuri

Kim Gyuri, who is known as “little IU”, posted images from IU’s concert on her Instagram and wrote that she was touched when IU mentioned her name during the concert.


16. Actor An Seungkyun


17. Musical actress Han Se Yoon

Source: Pann Nate