Celebrity Pharmacist Threatens to Harm Himself Following News of His Controversial “Dating” Life

A woman recently exposed the celebrity pharmacist for giving her an incurable STD.

The woman who made a post exposing celebrity pharmacist, Yakult for “treating her like a sex partner” and “giving her an incurable STD” recently deleted the post following the pharmacist’s mention of wanting to harm himself.


Ahead to this incident, the woman shared a post exposing the famous YouTuber for his wrongdoings.


She claimed that not only did he treat her like nothing more than a sex partner, but that he engaged in unprotected intercourse with her, leading to the contraction of an incurable STD.

I used to be a fan of Yakult, but after being treated like nothing more than a sex partner, I obtained a wound that I will never get rid of for the rest of my life. He continued to engage in intercourse with me without protection despite knowing his condition, and didn’t tell me about it beforehand. And once he knew I contracted Herpes from him, he avoided me and abandoned me. And even after that, he came to me to use me as his sex toy. I’m hurt more emotionally than physically as a result.

– Ms. A

She concluded, “I have no choice but to live with his virus for the rest of my life, but I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else.


But shortly after she made the post, she took it back down just an hour later and explained the reason why.

I’m going to take down this post because that man called me and said he would come over and kill himself…

– Ms. A

Despite the post having been taken down, the controversy continued to escalate, especially after it was revealed that the pharmacist spoke up about the use of contraception as well as preventing STDs in his videos.

Yakult has taken down all of his YouTube videos, turned his Instagram to private, and has yet to comment on the matter.

Source: Insight