CELINE Puts Rest To All Debate About BTS’s V Status As Their Ambassador With An Official Statement

Fans were wondering.

BTS‘s V recently graced the April cover of ELLE, decked out in CELINE.


Although he has been participating in their promotional activities for quite some time now, even attending their fashion week promotions, fans were on the fence about it. CELINE normally puts out a public press article to announce any new ambassador. Still, they had not released any press kits about V with the term “ambassador.” BTS fans were holding off on purchasing CELINE goods until they received sure confirmation of his status as an ambassador.

V leaving for fashion week.

In response, CELINE gave a statement on the matter through an email to a fan.

In response to your query to the CELINE Client Service team, here is the official reply from the department in charge.

First, thank you for your affection and interest. “CELINE Boy” is another term that we give our official ambassadors at CELINE. In relation to this, we have also released press kits about it. BTS’s V is a very precious person who has been officially promoting with CELINE this year. His first action was the cover of ELLE Korea magazine.

CELINE’s creative director, Hedi Slimane, has been using the terms “CELINE Boy” and “CELINE Girl” to refer to these family-like [ambassadors], rather than the commercial term “ambassador,” displaying a more close-knit friendship. Recently, almost all brands commonly use the term “ambassador” and so, Hedi Slimane wishes to differentiate the brand using his own philosophy and world view in communication with the public.

We hope that this is a sufficient explanation.

Thank you.

— CELINE Client Service

With the official explanation, hopefully, all debate about this matter will be put to bed.

Source: theqoo