Chaebol Billionaire CEO Of Shinsegae Group Declares He Is Trying To Become An ARMY

This man owns Starbucks Korea!

The Shinsegae Group is currently helmed by its chairwoman’s only heir, Chung Yong Jin. The Shinsegae Group currently owns many holdings including the Westin Chosun luxury hotel, E-Mart, the Shinsegae Departmental Stores, and more. They even own Starbucks Korea!

Although Chung Yong Jin is in his 50s with 4 kids of his own, it seems that he might be raring to adopt a few more (we joke!), as he becomes an ARMY! He recently posted his collection of special ticket photocards from the HYBE Insight Museum, ones you can only get if you make a visit. He printed them with his initials even!

Along with the cards, he captioned the post, “Trying to become an ARMY“. Many netizens have reacted positively to his post, claiming that they would gladly welcome him into the fandom.

It looks like BTS has done it again! It seems like ARMYs will be gaining a new Chaebol member.