CEO of Famous Entertainment Agency Charged for Sexually Assaulting an Employee

He was a famous singer in the 1990s before going on to being a successful CEO of an entertainment agency.

A CEO of a famous entertainment agency in his 40s is currently being investigated after being charged for sexually assaulting a former employee.

According to the Gangnam Police’s report, Mr. A (45) was forwarded to prosecution on January 29.

It’s been revealed that Mr. A is suspected of having sexually assaulted a former employee, Ms. B at a Gangnam bar on December 5 of last year. Ms. B has been reported to have been intoxicated at the time.

Furthermore, it was reported that Mr. A denied the charges at first before accepting them later in the investigation. The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office has currently taken over the case.

Mr. A, who was previously a CEO of an agency handling famous actors and broadcasters of Korea, resigned from his position following the news that he would be investigated for sexual assault charges. Mr. A has been revealed to have succeeded in the entertainment industry following his years as a singer in the 1990s.

Source: Dispatch
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