Cha Eunwoo Criticized For Acting Skills In New Drama

“He’s acting with his nostrils.”

ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo has been criticized for his acting skills in his latest drama, Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung.


Netizens have been pointing out his lack of acting skills since the first episode, which was aired on July 17th. They argued that his expressions were awkward and exaggerated and that his wide-eyed, surprised expression was the same in every scene.


Netizens also criticized Cha Eunwoo’s vocalization, claiming that his weak voice particularly stood out in scenes that were taken with other actors.


Cha Eunwoo is an idol who is nicknamed “face genius” for his handsome face. And while netizens continue to acknowledge this fact, many have been pointing out that his acting skills may need more preparation before taking on the lead character of a drama.


  • “I can tell just by looking at the photos.”
  • “I can feel his terrible acting just by looking at GIFs.”
  • “He’s acting with his nostrils.”
  • “His face is a genius…but I his acting is really no good…He’s really handsome…But please don’t do acting…ㅠㅠ”
  • “If you’re going to use your face like that, please give it to me.”
Source: My Daily