Here’s What Korea Olympic Figure Skater Cha Jun Hwan Eats To Maintain His Frame

Here’s his killer daily schedule too.

Olympic figure skater Cha Jun Hwan recently gained attention for his flower boy visuals. Netizens have even compared him to both actors Han So Hee and Song Kang, calling him their love child!

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He weighs 132 lbs (60kg) but stands tall at 5 9′ (180cm). This low BMI may alarm some, but it is normal for a figure skater who has to look and race svelte on the ice. How does he maintain his figure for the sport?

He shared his diet plan on jtbc‘s Kids These Days once. For breakfast, it’s either fruits or a bowl of cereal.

He only has a small scoop of rice, some beef, and greens for lunch. He made sure to note that he does not use seasoning.

He repeats the meal for his dinner. No salt, no pepper, no nothing!

The most surprising for viewers was that he had been eating the same thing for five years straight. Having started skating in 2009, when he was just eight years old, this diet started closer to his later years in middle and high school.

His schedule is pretty killer as well. He wakes up at 6 am and has his breakfast, and goes about his morning routine for an hour. At 7 am, he has morning training up to 9.30. a quick lunch, and he’s off to do stretching until 11.30. From then on, it’s ice, ice baby! He hits the gym for some weights at 3 pm and finally gets a break at 5.30 pm where he has physiotherapy. After 6 pm, he is free to recuperate.

Although this may seem extreme to some, Cha Jun Hwan is a national athlete and is very dedicated to his sport. Kudos to him!

Source: theqoo

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