International BLACKPINK Fans Attack TWICE’s Chaeyoung For “Copying” Lisa’s Hairstyle

Chaeyoung’s new hairstyle has been sparking some tension between fans!

Chaeyoung has posted a picture of her brand new hair and it has been causing some tension between TWICE fans and BLACKPINK fans.

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After seeing her new hairstyle, international netizens flooded TWICE’s Instagram with comments comparing her look with Lisa, who had a very similar look during BLACKPINK’s last comeback about a year ago.


In fact, the comments were so bad that even Korean media outlets have noticed, compiling screenshots full of negative comments in English.


Meanwhile, TWICE fans and even some BLACKPINK fans have been coming to her defense, clarifying that Lisa does now “own” orange hair.


Others have offered “evidence” showing many other idols who have had orange hair in the past to prove their point.


Moreover, many have provided positive feedback on her performance with her new hairstyle.


Despite the tension, it looks like Chaeyoung is continuing to enjoy her new hairstyle as she posted some additional photos of herself experimenting with her new hair color! She’s tried adding some curls…


…and even tried pigtails and they both look beautiful on her!


Chaeyoung has pulled off a variety of bold hairstyles in the past few years from a super-short cut…


…to a lighter-toned bob…


…to long and wavy goddess hair…


…to straight and long black hair…


…and finally to her newest attempt!


And the most amazing part is that she looks just as beautiful with each different hairstyle!

Source: Dispatch