Chamisul’s tarot store posters featuring IU garners hot attention

Recently, IU has been confirmed to be the new exclusive model for Hite-Jinro‘s Chamisul, a major soju brand in Korea. Hite-Jinro has launched Chamisul x IU’s collaboration project, Sul-e-Sool-Sool Tarot Store, on December 17th.

According to Hite-Jinro’s customer center, many customers have inquired to purchase IU’s Sul-e-Sool-Sool ad posters and merchandises. Some fans and customers have even asked to take home IU’s posters and merchandise that were on display at restaurants and stores.

In appreciation of such popular and positive feedback from the customers, Hite-Jinro has launched a collaboration project  Sul-e-Sool-Sool Tarot Store with IU, on December 17th. Within just 5 days of its launching, Chamisul x IU’s online tarot store page has been going viral.

This collaboration tarot store is part of Chamisul’s new campaign. In the released tarot card photos, IU transforms into six beautiful tarot goddess, such as of sun, wind, water, fire, and more. The cards deliver fortunes and well-wishing remarks to customers in preparation of the new year.

Meanwhile, Chamisul’s year-end concert will include an IU x Chamisul tarot store, IU’s mini-concert, and a special event by Busker Busker and IU.


IU transforms as Chamisul's Tarot Goddess
IU transforms as Chamisul’s Tarot Goddess

Source: Top Star News

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