Changmin Reveals EXO Xiumin’s Plans About Mandatory Military Enlistment

Xiumin has to enlist soon.

During the latest episode of I Live Alone, TVXQ‘s Max Changmin touched upon news of Xiumin‘s mandatory enlistment.


Changmin revealed that Xiumin will be enlisting sometime this year.

“As I understand, Xiumin is enlisting this year.”

— Changmin


He remembered back when he was enlisting, he enjoyed a last getaway to the Hallasan in Jeju with SHINee‘s Minho.

“Right before I enlisted, I went hiking on Hallasan with SHINee’s Minho. It felt so good to enlist with such a beautiful memory.”

— Changmin



And he wanted to share the same positive energy with Xiumin before he enlisted.

“I wanted to send Minseok off with the same good energy.”

— Changmin


After rolling around in the snow and enjoying a beautiful scenery atop of the mountain, Xiumin thanked Changmin for giving him a fond memory.

“It was perfect.

It was my first time hiking on a snow covered mountain, so it honestly touched my heart.

I’m so thankful to Changmin, who introduced me to this beautiful experience.”

— Xiumin