[★BREAKING] Changmin leaves JYP Entertainment with contract expiration

2AM member Changmin is reported to have left the group, leaving Jo Kwon as the only remaining member of 2AM.

Following former members Seulong and Jinwoon, Changmin is reported to have left the vocal group 2AM and JYP Entertainment.

According to sources on August 5th, Changmin decided not to renew his contract that ended last month with JYP Entertainment. Industry officials revealed to Star News that after deciding not to renew his contract, “Chagmin is currently looking for a new agency.”

Changmin signed with JYP Entertainment back in 2008 where he pursued his career as a singer and a musical actor. Big Hit Entertainment, who has been in charge of managing the group 2AM, is a strong candidate to sign Changmin.

Former members Seulong and Jinwoon has already signed with other agencies. Seulong signed with Sidus HQ and Jinwoon with Mystic Entertainment. With Changmin leaving, Jo Kwon will be the only member left in 2AM.

Source: Star News

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