Chanyeol discusses his wardrobe malfunction while filming “Missing Nine”

Chanyeol shared his experience filming for his new drama Missing Nine and discussed a funny fashion mishap that happened on set.

Chanyeol has been furthering his career by sharpening his acting skills through movies and has now moved onto dramas. He talked about his growth as an actor in a recent interview with Ceci Magazine, discussing his latest drama Missing Nine.

In a special preview episode of the new series, the actors discussed the work environment on set. Missing Nine draws a lot of inspiration from hit American television series Lost, following the stories of nine people who are stranded on an island after their plane crashed on the way from China back to South Korea.

There are many scenes in the drama which involved the actors getting drenched in water. But Chanyeol’s outfit apparently didn’t take well to the excess of moisture, causing the sleeves to get stretched out. In light of the situation, Chanyeol joked about how his outfit still worked and that oversized sleeves are actually the latest fashion trend.

Chanyeol also shared a fantastic piece of the drama’s set. On the show, the group stumbled upon an old shelter that appeared perfect for the nine of them. Chanyeol raved about the little hut:

“It’s much better than the beach.

It looks like a house so, I feel at peace here.”

– Chanyeol