EXO’s Chanyeol Spoilt His Sister With Expensive AF Gifts, Including A Luxury Bag For Her Birthday

Chanyeol, please adopt us.

EXO‘s Chanyeol is known for having a great relationship with his older sister, Park Yoo Ra, a former news announcer. So fans weren’t exactly surprised when they found out that he had bought her this expensive handbag from Prada.

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She posted it along with the caption sharing that she had only freshly opened the gift to use on that day! As Prada is known for luxury, a handbag of that size probably costs upwards of $2500 USD! This is not the first time Chanyeol has shown generosity to his older sister.

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She previously shared that he had bought her AirPod Pros nearing Christmas!

It wasn’t a Christmas gift, but it reached me during Christmas Eve. #ParkSanta #loveutoo

— Park Yoo Ra

The AirPod case was even engraved with a sweet, “I love you, nuna“!

Fans were quick to point out that these were on the lower scale compared to his previous huge gift for her. In an interview, Park Yoo Ra had shared that as a commemoration for her moving jobs, Chanyeol had promised to buy her a car.

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Soon after, she posted about a new car on her Instagram. Fans noted that the car she was driving was a Mercedes Benz, known for being one of the most expensive car brands on the market.

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Chanyeol sure spoils his older sister. What a lucky girl. Is there any more room in the family? Asking for a friend!

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