Chaos Ensues After Actor Lee Sang Yeob Posts A Photo Of A Man That Strongly Resembles BTS’s Jin

Even Jin’s older brother was confused!

Netizens were confused after actor Lee Sang Yeob uploaded a picture.

Lee Sang Yeob | SBS News

On April 3, Lee Sang Yeob uploaded a photo to his Instagram account. The actor captioned the post, writing, “Heh heh.”

In the photo was a picture of a man that, to many, looked awfully close to BTS‘s Jin, which would make sense considering how close the two stars are. In fact, some news articles initially stated that the picture was of Jin.

Article from My Daily before revision | theqoo

Actor Lee Sang Yeob uploaded a photo with BTS’s Jin. In April, Lee Sang Yeob uploaded a photo of his good friend, BTS’s Jin, and captioned the photo, writing, ‘Heh heh.’ Jin is seen wearing a grey sweater and is wearing a hat. Seeing how Jin’s hair is long, it seems the picture was taken before he enlisted.

— My Daily

Except for one thing, the photo isn’t of Jin! Turns out, the actor’s  photo was not of the international superstar but the actor himself. Many fans expressed how they also thought that, in the picture, the actor resembled Jin.

| @sangyeob/Instagram

It seems fans weren’t the only ones who were confused. Even Jin’s own older brother expressed his own confusion.

I’m really confused as to who this is…

— Jin’s older brother

What are your thoughts? Do you see the resemblance?

Source: @sangyeob/Instagram
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