Charlie Puth Spills On How His Collaboration With BTS’s Jungkook Actually Happened

It was a match made in heaven!

At the start of the month, ARMYs couldn’t believe it when American artist Charlie Puth accidentally confirmed that he would be collaborating with BTS. It wasn’t until recently that more details came out, and it was announced that BTS’s Jungkook would be joining Puth on his latest track called “Left And Right.”

Charlie Puth (right) with BTS’s Jungkook (left)

Back in April, Charlie Puth shared his wishes to have BTS on his track “Left And Right” in a tweet, and it actually came through after the official announcement was made.

On June 24 (KST), the song and music video was finally released and it was definitely worth the wait as everything about the track was epic.

| Charlie Puth/YouTube

| Charlie Puth/YouTube   

It also meant that ARMYs worldwide had the best reactions when it dropped, albeit when the music video was delayed.

In a recent interview with Z100 New York, Charlie Puth spilled the gossip about how the collaboration actually happened and how Jungkook ended up participating in the track “Left and Right.”

The radio host explained how talented all the members of BTS are, but asked what it was about Jungkook specifically that caught his attention and why he chose the group’s youngest member.

Like many people who listen to BTS and hear Jungkook’s voice, the decision to work with Jungkook seemed to be instantaneous as Charlie Puth knew that it could only be the group’s maknae.

He immediately came to mind because, and by the way, I didn’t even know they were going on a ‘hiatus’ when I reached out to him and asked if he’d like to be part of it.

— Charlie Puth

As many ARMYs know, the history between Charlie Puth and BTS goes way back. Over the years, there have been so many interactions between the artists that it almost seemed inevitable that a collaboration would’ve happened.

But we have a musical history together. We had performed on an award show four years prior. We had always sent each other music that we loved, he would always talk about me in interviews, and I would always talk about him in interviews.

— Charlie Puth

Of course, Charlie Puth was talking about the time he performed with Jungkook at the 2018 MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards. The duo performed a medley of Puth’s tracks, and Jungkook’s voice seemed to suit the tracks effortlessly.

They even performed BTS’s own track, “Fake Love,” when the rest of the members came to join Jungkook.

There were even some adorable interactions off stage. In particular, fans caught moments as BTS and Charlie Puth were seated next to each other during the ceremony.

| Charlie Puth FAMILY/YouTube

With all this history, it isn’t surprising that Charlie Puth saw the collaboration as natural and added that it’s one of the reasons the song works so well.

I love natural, real-life collaborations. (It wasn’t forced?) No, and those rarely, rarely work out.

— Charlie Puth

Considering how much Charlie Puth and Jungkook respect each other as people and artists, it isn’t surprising that “Left And Right” is a match made in heaven. Hopefully, it won’t be long before the duo can perform it live together.

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Source: Z100 New York