Charlie Puth Can’t Stop Simping Over BTS’s Jungkook

Charlie Puth is, without a doubt, Jungkook biased.

American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth and BTS‘s Jungkook have released their much-anticipated collaboration single “Left and Right.”

Charlie Puth (left) and Jungkook (right). | @charlieputh/Twitter

In a recent interview with iHeartRadio‘s Z100 New York, Charlie Puth spilled all details regarding his collaboration with the BTS maknae. Of course, everyone wanted to know how the collab came to be in the first place!

He immediately came to mind because, and by the way, I didn’t even know they were going on a ‘hiatus’ when I reached out to him and asked if he’d like to be part of it.

— Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth |  Z100 New York

Charlie Puth explained that a large factor was that he and Jungkook are genuine friends. So, host Maxwell wanted to know if that was the case and if the two singers cozied up and went ear-to-ear for their cover art photoshoot.

The cover art to this song here is, for the world to see… Did you guys actually touch ears?

— Maxwell

Charlie Puth immediately got flustered by the question but confessed that he and Jungkook really had been that close for the shoot, which was actually stills from the music video! The cover art itself is inspired by iconic 90s boybands, such as The Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC.


Yet, when the interviewer likened Charlie Puth and Jungkook’s relationship to that of brothers or friends, Puth instead gushed about how handsome Jungkook is! We certainly can’t blame him.

Maxwell: To have that brotherhood, to have that friendship to where it’s okay to touch ears…

Charlie Puth: Mmhmm.

Maxwell: But it’s just like … it naturally comes through even in the cover art, man.

Charlie Puth: I mean, he’s a handsome guy.

Still, that’s not all. In every interview, Charlie Puth can’t help but simp over Jungkook.

Jungkook (left) and Charlie Puth (right). | Charlie Puth/YouTube

Charlie Puth also appeared on Hits 1‘s Morning Mash Up to promote “Left and Right.” Again, he was asked how he chose Jungkook to feature on the song. Co-host Nicole especially wondered how one could pick one among all seven BTS members.

I feel like I would be nervous to like choose the wrong like… What if like… Were the other guys … did they feel left out? Were their feelings hurt?

— Nicole

|  Morning Mash Up

Charlie Puth explained that he wasn’t quite sure. His collaboration was natural since he had always had a connection to Jungkook.

Oh, I don’t know. They’re all very talented.

— Charlie Puth

Morning Mash Up

While he hadn’t always been ARMY, he became a mutual fan and then a friend of all the members. Yet, Jungkook especially had stood out, and Puth again couldn’t stop gushing when talking about him. Like the rest of us, he can’t get over how handsome Jungkook is.

Morning Mash Up

Charlie Puth: Jungkook is a very attractive human.

Nicole: He is. He really is beautiful. The thing that you posted…

Charlie Puth: No, but I was like… Wow.

Puth and Nicole referenced Howard Stern‘s famous “Hey now!” phrase when describing their reaction to Jungkook.

Nicole: You were like, “Hey now!”

Charlie Puth: Like “Hey now!”

Nicole: Okay!

ARMYs already thought “Left and Right” seemed to depict a gay relationship. While it’s a love song, the only people featured in the MV are Charlie Puth, Jungkook, and a therapist. All three even appear onscreen together, possibly implying couple’s therapy.

So, not to speculate anything regarding Mr. Puth, but…

All we have to say is that it’s clear that Charlie Puth and Jungkook’s chemistry for the MV was not faked! Previously, Puth shared behind-the-scenes clips, showcasing their chemistry on and off the screen. Check out more below:

BTS’s Jungkook And Charlie Puth Showcase Their Chemistry In Teasers For Collaboration Single “Left And Right”

Source: Z100 New York and Charlie Puth Daily Updates

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