Chart-Topping Singer-Songwriter Admits She Recently Cried From Hunger Due To Her Strict Diet

“I closed my eyes at night, and I told myself I was hungry, and tears came out…”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of dieting, body image issues, or eating disorders that may trigger some readers.

Singer Heize revealed that she cried due to her strict diet.

Heize | @heizeheize/Instagram

On April 13, Heize appeared on Urban Zakapa vocalist Jo Hyun Ah‘s YouTube channel. On this day, Jo Hyun Ah welcomed Heize by singing her own rendition of Heize’s hit ballad “You, Clouds, Rain.”

Jo Hyun Ah then praised Heize and congratulated her for signing with Psy’s label, P Nation.

You sing so well, and I think it’s fate that we met at P Nation. Oppa (Psy) has certain things you lack, so I think he allowed you to really open up.

— Jo Hyun Ah

Jo Hyun Ah continued to heap praise on Heize, stating that her new single “Bingle Bingle” will mark a turning point in your spectrum as an artist.” To which Heize responded by stating that was a big reason why she liked the song.

Jo Hyun Ah (left) |

That’s exactly it. That’s why my heart is content. I danced on stage for the first time, so now I have something ( a song) to dance to on stage.

— Heize

Jo Hyun Ah then spoke about the many responsibilities a singer-songwriter has. The Urban Zakapa vocalist advised Heize that, “For singer-songwriters to make music, they need to experience a lot and have a lot of time. They also need to wear pretty things, so we need to take care of ourselves.” Heize agreed deeply before revealing her strict diet had caused her to cry.

These days, I’m so hungry. Seriously, a couple of days ago, I closed my eyes at night, and I told myself I was hungry, and tears came out. If I didn’t have to (film my) music video, I would have eaten a cup ramen.

— Heize

Jo Hyun Ah then responded by telling her junior singer, “Singers’ chin fat inevitably comes out while singing, so we need to lose even more weight.”

Check out Heize’s full appearance in the link below.

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