Chatroom Members Sought Advice From Lawyer In 2016 Following Jung Joon Young’s Scandal

They were worried about what would happen if they got caught with the sex cams.

It has been revealed that the members of Seungri and Jung Joon Young’s chatroom had sought advice from a lawyer due to concerns over their illegal sex cams 3 years ago.

According to reports, Mr. A, one of the chatroom members, took a screenshot of one of their conversations about the illegal sex cams and sought advice from a lawyer after Jung Joon Young’s ex-girlfriend sued him in August 2016. He was apparently worried about what would happen if their chatroom conversation were to be revealed during Jung Joon Yung’s police investigation.


At the time, the lawyer had apparently stated that theirs was a case of hidden camera circulation and that they’d be in big trouble. He advised them not to submit the phone to the police.

Members of the chatroom discussed what they should do: “Even if we delete the videos, the police would restore it,” “It’ll look weird if he submits a new cell phone.” Jung Joon Young simply stated, “The agency said they’d take care of it.”


After Jung Joon Young was sued, he left his phone at a private forensic company and reported to the police two days later claiming that he couldn’t submit his phone because he lost it.  At the time, the police stated through their lawyer that “the cell phone was found but was sent to a private forensic company due to right to defend.” As a result, the police investigated Jung Joon Young without securing his phone and sent the case over to prosecution 4 days later. It has also been reported that the police called the forensic company and asked them to create a certificate stating that restoration was impossible.

Police Tried To Hide Evidence During Jung Joon Young’s 2016 Hidden Camera Case


The prosecution later received Jung Joon Young’s cell phone but could not find any evidence of circulated illegal videos and he was acquitted.


Meanwhile, both Seungri and Jung Joon Young have recently completed their investigations that took place on March 14.

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Source: Joongang Ilbo

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