“Unpretty Rapstar” Cheetah’s New Single, “So Sorry” Deemed Unfit For Broadcast By MBC

She has no plans to correct them though.

Artist Cheetah has recently come back with a new single, “So Sorry”. However, it has been deemed unfit for broadcast by MBC, one of the top 3 broadcasting stations in South Korea.

| Stone Music Entertainment

As reported by Xsports News on the 17th of August, the freshly dropped hit did not fit the standards as legislated by the broadcasting station for its use of potentially offensive slang. While it was not specified which part of the song was offensive, one can infer that the use of the words “gae sorry” in the lyrics as well as the title can be considered use of a profanity, as “gae” often loosely translates to “f*cking” in Korean, although some may see it as a lesser version of the english curse word.

| Ceci

Cheetah uses the pun of “gae sorry” and “gae sori” (meaning to talk nonsense in Korean) to express when other people talk about someone to bring them down. However, while MBC has deemed the song lyrics unfit for broadcast, KBS has approved the song on the other hand. Cheetah has since decided against editing the lyrics.

“So Sorry” is Cheetah’s song to encourage all the youth in the world to do their own thing and features a trendy, low-fi vibe. Catch the tune below!

Source: Xsports