Chef Gordon Ramsay Criticized For Asking The Korean Police For Added Security During His Subway Commute

His request was made in light of the Itaewon Halloween tragedy.

On November 10, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay arrived in Seoul, South Korea, and he visited his burger at the Lotte Tower in Jamsil, which happens to be the very first burger restaurant by his brand in Asia.

Gordon Ramsay during a press meeting in southern Seoul, on November 10 | Gordon Ramsay Korea

Controversies were already pooling around his visit when his restaurant got accused of overcharging their customers. Now, a new wave of criticism has found its way to the chef, and this time it is for his “unreasonable” request for extra security by the state police during his public commute.

According to reports, Ramsay asked the police, Seoul Transportation Corporation, and the Korea Railroad Corporation (KORAIL) to increase safety measures beyond usual whenever the chef takes public transportation. His agency filed an official request to the National Police Agency, asking for on-site control personnel to guard him while he travels by subway on November 10. Reports state that this request was made in light of the recent tragedy at Itaewon, which made the chef fear for his own safety.

Ramsay traveling through the subway in Seoul |

He boarded the train from Jamsil Station to Seolleung Station and Seoul Forest Station. The security personnel was deployed at his commute’s first and final station.

Netizens didn’t take this gesture too kindly. Many felt that Ramsay should have hired his private security instead of asking the state officers to do the job.


| @wikitree/Instagram

| @wikitree/Instagram

  • “If you’re that worried, why not just travel by car? It makes no sense to use public transportation with the police in tow.”
  • “It’s not even like he’s going to some national event but an opening for his own personal business, so why should police get involved? Just take a taxi.”
  • “Use your own money to hire your own private security… what is this fuss…”
  • “I understand that he’s scared because of what happened in Itaewon.. but even celebrities in our own country ride the subways alone…”
  • “This is what our country must look to foreigners… this government has really ruined public perception of our country. Ramsay aside, this is just embarrassing.”