“Cheongdam Party” Celebrities Accused Of Abusing An Alpaca For Entertainment

The alpaca’s owner was tricked into the situation.

As the “Cheongdam Party” continues to cause heated debates about top celebrities not following strict social distancing recommendations with the growing pandemic. And the party has caused another controversy, but this time for animal abuse.

A large crowd of celebrities were spotted in photos from the birthday party held by a fashion industry professional. In the midst of the large crowd, an adorable alpaca was spotted in between the guests.

Animal activists and netizens criticized the partygoers because alpacas are known to be very sensitive to their environment. When they are surrounded by lots of noise and a large group of people, they become extremely stressed.

Considering the closeness of the strangers, loud noises from the party, and the crowded cafe, the party was accused of abusing the alpaca for their entertainment.

The alpaca turned out to be a famous social media pet, named Paca. As the criticisms continued to rise, Paca’s mom decided to explain what happened and how she was also tricked into going to the party.

Paca’s mom explained that the photographer who was holding the party made it sound like it was going to be an intimate group with just a couple of fellow photographers at a large studio. However, the location changed to a cafe at the last minute and she mistook it as a pet cafe.

Once arriving at the party, she realized that it was not an environment fitting for Paca and immediately left after talking with the photographer. Paca’s mom apologized to Paca and her fans for the misunderstanding. She emphasized that she does not lend Paca out as entertainment for money.

Hello, this is Daily Paca. A fan had sent us a message. The fan loves animals and sent us a private message because he is a friend of a friend. He is a photographer and he said that the birthday party will just be a simple gathering of other photographers. He said he will take a photo of Paca, so we decided to go. We went because we wanted photos to show our fans as always.

But the location suddenly changed to a cafe, and he told us that he was bringing his pets, so I thought it was a pet cafe. But when we went, we realized that it was not an environment for Paca so we took a photo with the wife and left before we could even take a drink of water.

First, I am apologetic towards Paca for taking her without fully looking into the place. And I want to apologize for causing a controversy with the misunderstanding. And we never lend our Paca for money. I’m sorry.

— Daily Paca

Since her post, Paca’s mom was reached out by the photographer who apologized for having things escalate to a stressful situation for Paca. The photographer told Paca’s mom that they had to change the location because the were water and elevator problems at their studio.

Paca’s mom seemed to be over the situation after the photographer apologized multiple times.

The organizer apologized to us enough times. Due to the sudden change of location, we left without staying for a long time.

He apologized for the location changing suddenly and how it wasn’t a fitting environment for an alpaca. He apologized until the moment we left. He also contacted us after the party to apologize that he couldn’t take a photo for us due to the hectic party.

— Daily Paca

Thankfully, Paca is doing fine back at home with her family. Paca’s mom updated their Instagram page with new photos of Paca enjoying a nap at home and a content outing!

Source: Herald Pop and Segye